Prospective Students

Prospective Graduate Students

I am recruiting motivated Master’s or Ph.D. students with an interest in applying rigorous quantitative tools to solving ecological problems, and a desire to become independent, critical thinkers. I hope that graduate students in my lab will be interested in combining a range of approaches (field, lab, remote sensing and/or modeling tools) to tackle their research questions. I am currently looking for students for the Fall 2018 semester to work in two potential areas: 1) an NSF-funded project examining spatial processes in savanna vegetation in Serengeti; 2) a study of tree-grass responses to climate change in South Africa.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

I am interested in bringing committed undergraduates who would like to be exposed to new research opportunities into my lab. If you are interested in ecology or environmental sciences and are looking for research opportunities, get in touch with me.

Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia

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